We are rounding the middle of our regular golf season and it is time for a few reminders about how we play CWGA golf in an effort to maintain integrity of the game and provide fairness for our entire field of golfers.

Our handicaps are the basis of leveling the playing field especially for our play days and competitions.  In order for those handicaps to be correct, our Days Play managers enter scores from all Tuesday and Thursday Days Play and those score are reflected in our handicap.  That means both of those days, whether there is pay-out or not, are official play days for our club members.  With that in mind, please remember:

  1. All USGA Rules are in effect for both Tuesday and Thursday Days Play whether or not there is a payout.
  2. All players MUST count all strokes and penalties and correctly record a true and attested score for both Tuesday and Thursday Days Play. That is why we exchange score cards.  As USGA Rules states “The Marker’s Responsibility: Entering and Certifying Hole Scores on Scorecard.  After each hole during the round, the marker should confirm with the player the number of strokes on that hole (including strokes made and penalty strokes) and enter that gross score on the scorecard.”  After the round, the marker must certify the hole scores on the scorecard.  A marker may refuse to certify a player’s hole score that the marker believes is wrong.  If a marker, who is a player, knowingly certifies a wrong score for a hole, the marker should be disqualified.  Being a marker is a responsible job for the integrity of all our players.
  3. If you know you are having difficulty remembering your correct score, please ask another player in your group to help you.

Below are some additional updates that will help us all have better Play Days:

  • Please put your name (last name first on the name line on the Green Course of the scorecard regardless of the courses to be played for the day.
  • All drainage ditches that have been repaired and are still healing (not the current concrete ones) are considered ground under repair and you get free relief. Please do not hit out of those drainage ditch areas that are still partially filling in with grass but not fully healed.
  • If a Dropping Zone is marked on the course, players may not opt to use our new Red Stake relief rule. It is only an option if a Dropping Zone is not present.