2024 World Handicap System Revision

Posting Your 9-Hole Scores

When you post a 9-hole score, the WHS will automatically calculate an 18-hole Score Differential for the round, based on the player’s 9-hole Score Differential and expected Score Differential based on their current Handicap Index, allowing the 9-hole round to be considered in the player’s Handicap Index calculation right away.

As part of this change, golfers will be required to play and post all 9-holes instead of the previous minimum of 7-holes.

Posting 10-17-Hole Scores

When a player with a Handicap Index plays 10-17 holes, a Score Differential will be created based on the hole’s player, and the player’s expected Score Differential for the number of remaining holes not played will be added to that value to produce and 18-hole Score Differential.

To facilitate this change, when a player plays between 10-17 holes, they will be required to post their scores hole-by-hole so the appropriate Score Differential can be calculated from the holes that were played to combine with the expected score for the holes not played.

“Sounds Confusing”

All you need to do is post the holes you play, hole-by-hole and let your GHIN Phone App take care of calculating your scores. There is no need to worry about the MATH, Score Differential and Expected Score Differential. Get out and play — be sure to post your round of golf.


Score posting season in Oregon Starts March 1st.