ATTENTION!!!  New this year in your Golf Genius Invitations!!!


All Members Will Receive The April 4 Scramble Golf Genius Invitation 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

When players receive an invite to play and click on “playing” or “not playing” there is a slight hesitation and Golf Genius routes you to another page that ask? ARE YOU SURE?. Players MUST CLICK on this response to complete registration. IF you DO NOT your choice will not register your response.

  • How to know if I am registered in Golf Genius?
  • Go to the CWGA website
  • com > CWGA Golf > Play Results > 18-Hole Results
  • Click Tee Sheet to the left
  • Your name should be on the list if you have registered correctly.

If your name is not on the list go to your original Golf Genius Invitation email and re-register your choice, be sure to follow the last step to register. If you need help please contact Diane Meyers;