Overall Gross Winners:        Alex Carney and Susan Taylor

Overall Net Winners Tie:      Sheryl Huiras and Terri Zagone

                                                        Kathi Lewis and Jann Smith

Gross Winners

Flight 1 

1st Gross:  Kathy Smith and Rita Albrich

2nd Gross:  Tricia Smith and Brenda Hankins

Flight 2 

1st Gross:  Laurie Bales and Maryanna Wiese

2nd Gross Tie:  Lynda Marshall and Deb Tyler – Kathy Barr and Sue Oberg

Flight 3

1st Gross Tie:  Sharon Kadell and Janet Ferguson – Rose Mason and Lou Moultrie

Net Winners

Flight 1 

1st Net:  Karen Miller and Susan Weakley

2nd Net: Chris Shaw and Victoria Mendenhall

Flight 2

1st Net:   Marikate Book and Mary Murphy

2nd Net:  Susan Cary and Kathy Kinyon

Flight 3

1st Net:   Chris Smith and Debra Stonebraker

2nd Net:  Kathie Barton and Jackie Peters