This year we will be adding individual member photos to our roster. The roster will be
available on our new website beginning April 2023.
Here’s what each person needs to do:
1. Please have someone take a square head shot of you standing in front of a
blank wall. You can also take a selfie with your cell phone. If you prefer,
you can have one of our members take your photo and send it in with your
name. Each member photo will be added next to your name and contact
information. The photo will be small in size which is why we need only a head
2. Send the photo to Alice Galloway at If you have any
questions or problems, please call Alice at 503-320-5740.
3. All photos are due by February 28th!
****** If Alice does not receive your photo by February 28th, she will insert our CWGA
logo in its place next to your contact information.
We encourage everyone to get their photo in as soon as possible