This Thursday, August 10 is the “DOG DAYS OF SUMMER” CWGA SCRAMBLE!!!!!
To those of you who are playing, please wear any and all of your DOGGIE inspired attire.
But most important to all:  BRING YOUR FRAMED 5 X 7 DOGGIE PICTURES!!!  
Note: if 5 x 7 isn’t possible, other sizes will work too–just bring those fabulous pics!
The pictures are our centerpieces!!!!  They are integral to the whole luncheon.    A
Hot Chihuahua, a Hound Dog and Paw-ta-to Salad just won’t taste the same without
those great pictures of the special Fidos in your life–whether pictures of now or of the past.
So, don’t forget to bring them with you when you come to golf.
Also, as a reminder, we will have fabulous Mar-GRRRR-itas for sale for $5 each (NO high fructose corn syrup style.)
AND one more thing:  Remember, this is a 3 club SCRAMBLE!  Think about what 3 clubs YOU want to bring!
See y’all there.  Be prepared to have a Pawfect round and a Grrrrr-and day!