Our first winter luncheon is January 19th at 11:30 in the Hazelglade and Kalapuya Rooms in the Activities Center. Mikaela and Nicole, our caterers, are preparing a French onion soup and a tomato bisque soup with grilled cheese sandwiches and apple cinnamon bars for dessert. The cost is $15.00 including gratuity. The signature cocktail is hot apple cider with cinnamon whiskey for $6.00. Beer and wine are available for cash or credit. The caterers will provide water and a coffee station.

 If you are planning to attend the luncheon, the sign-up book is at the Pro Shop on our CWGA counter. Please sign your name and indicate if you are paying cash or check. Cash goes in the envelopes that are in the pocket of the notebook. PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE ENVELOPE. If you are paying by check, write the check number in the designated box. ALL PAYMENTS GO IN THE CWGA DRAWER. Deadline for signing up for the luncheon is January 16 at noon.

For a copy of the flyer, click here.