Some beautiful weather for golfing is here! Yea!!  Opportunity, Education, and Mentorship, our “Under the Golf Umbrella” theme for April, is a great way to think about all the new members that we have joining us this year. Thanks to the Membership Team, Debbie Bray, Alice Galloway, and everyone for keeping on top of all the new member information and welcoming them.
 Rise and Shine with MJ presentation on April 26, 2024. This will be a fun way to network with other lady golfers, the Niners, as well as anyone joining us from the Lake Oswego golf group! It would be wonderful to have a full house for this event! We are also looking at getting some kind of press coverage. Not sure how that will work out. Let us know if you have any ideas with your networking!
And thanks to BJ Shrock, who is taking the lead in arranging this fun day! Here is a podcast where MJ McCloskey was being interviewed on T-Time with Tori about her book. Feel free to share it with others.

Carol Riley