CWGA Special Board Meeting on Feb 7th at 10:00am.

Deborah Ulrich is our nominee for the CWGA Club Director for the CGC Board of Directors.

To the voting members, if you hold a shared position, you will have one vote between the two of you.  Please be prepared to vote as one by discussing and deciding about this nominee prior to the meeting on Feb. 7th.  (Please review Deborah’s Resume below)

According to our current by-laws, the voting members are:

  • Co-Presidents:  Janet Ferguson, Laura Curran
  • Co-Vice Presidents:  Alice Galloway, Kay Sharp
  • Secretary:  Amy Day
  • Treasurer:  Debbie Bray
  • Co-Competition Chairs:  Rose Mason, Kathy Stout
  • Membership Chair:  Jean Czubin
  • Handicap, Day’s Play/Scoring Chair:  Diane Meyers
  • Eclectic/Hole-In-One Chair:  Laura Noffke
  • Rules Chair:  Joann Linville
  • Property/Trophy:  Betsy Knudsen
  • Sunshine:  Jan Watson
  • Roster:  Leslie Leeper


Thank you,


Janet Ferguson & Laura Curran

CWGA Co-Presidents 2022