During the January 2023 Board meeting, members voted to add an additional play day
to weekly sanctioned rounds. During the February 2023 Board meeting, members
voted to increase the number of rounds played from 5 to 8 in order to qualify for the
Club Championship and Most Improved Player.
To carry out the additional play day and the increase in rounds played, we MUST have
more volunteers helping with Golf Genius and Scoring. CWGA needs four (4) additional
volunteers to train for Golf Genius Manager of the Day. A full-day training has been
scheduled for Tuesday, February 28th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Activity Center.
We are asking volunteers to:
• Be responsible for one Play Day a month (approximately 4 to 5 hours).
• Use their own laptop computer.
• Be familiar with Excel software or some other spreadsheet program.
• Train and be mentored by existing Day’s Play/Scoring team members.
CWGA’s goal is to become a premier women’s golf club in the Portland Metro Area.
Playing two days a week will be a big step in that direction.
Thank you for considering this assignment as your way to contribute. WE NEED YOU!
Contact Alice Galloway at gallowaynw@gmail.com or Janet Ferguson at
fergusonjanet@hotmail.com to volunteer. If you have questions, please contact Diane
Meyers at dianedavismeyers@gmail.com.