Women’s Interclub Play (WIP)

 OGA’s Women’s Interclub Play (WIP), is a great opportunity to play at other golf courses in the Willamette Valley.  CWGA has participated in this program for several years.

We will kick off the 2023 WIP season with a get together with those of you that have played WIP in the past and new members interested in learning about WIP, Thursday May 4th (after shotgun/lunch).

It will be a time we can talk about our WIP experiences with each other and introduce WIP to new members we hope to join our WIP team.

WIP gives us the opportunity to play as a two person (match play) team at different golf courses around the Portland metro, the 3rd Monday of May, June, July, August, and September.  Some people play once during the season others play several times during the season. You are always paired with someone with a handicap similar to yours.

 $45/round. 2 Person (Best Ball) Team.

Look forward to you joining us at the May 4th get together, after the Shotgun/Luncheon, in the card room adjacent to the dining room.

Peg Wells and Sue Oberg

Charbonneau WIP coordinators


Women’s Interclub Play (WIP)