Carol Riley and Amy Day are putting together a PowerPoint presentation and planning a  CWGA 50th Anniversary activity for the May Luncheon. At the Opening Breakfast in April the PowerPoint was a Montage of Photos spanning 50 years of CWGA golf to celebrate our Anniversary – along with the distribution of the great towels and member books!
The luncheon in May will be a sharing of photos from the 1970’s of some CWGA members, since our club was formed in 1973. So pull out an old photo of you, maybe playing a sport, a graduation photo, a fun snapshot, a holiday photo, majorette/cheerleader photo, a wedding photo, etc. and see if anyone can recognize that ‘spark in your eyes’ from the 70’s that continues today! And here we are – lucky enough to have landed at Charbonneau after 50+ years!
Take a photo of the picture and send it to or text to 440-339-7957.
Thank you if you have already sent a photo!

Deadline is Thursday, April 27, 2023.